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Building a caring society with Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity


The Lodge Almoner is in many ways the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Lodge, ensuring the welfare of its members and of their widows and dependants. Much of the Almoner’s work is undertaken in the background, being at all times aware of the often confidential nature of many of the details with which he is entrusted.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining regular contact with sick or distressed Lodge members.
  • Maintaining regular contact with Lodge widows.
  • Maintaining contact with families of recently deceased Brethren.
  • Being alert to the needs and problems of Lodge members and their dependants.
  • Being aware of the aims and activities of the main Masonic Charity, the Masonic Charitable Foundation, and how to access the support it offers.
  • Having a basic knowledge of the range of support available from the State and from non-Masonic charities and how potential applicants can obtain specific advice.

Liaison with Province

  • Attending training and other events to keep up to date with developments affecting his responsibilities or the Masonic Charities.
  • Maintaining close contact with the Group Almoner and Provincial Grand Almoner.

Providing support

  • Making new members welcome, in conjunction with their proposer & seconder along with the Membership Secretary & Lodge Mentor.
  • In conjunction with the Lodge Mentor, to maintain contact with those members who are, for whatever reason, not able to attend Lodge.
  • Undertaking visits as necessary with Lodge widows, members and their dependants.

Record-keeping and reporting

  • Maintaining accurate records of all receipts and payments made along with preparing the annual Alms accounts and presenting these accounts after auditing to the Lodge for approval.
  • Reporting on all the above to the Members at each Lodge meeting, while preserving due confidentially.

In addition to the above, the Almoner will make himself aware of events such as birthdays, births and special wedding anniversaries so that the Lodge can send appropriate greetings.